‘Inside the mind of the female assassin’

BBC History Magazine

‘August Agboola Browne, Freedom-fighting jazzman’

‘Where did Amelia Earhart spend her tragic last moments?’

‘Extraordinary People: Melitta von Schiller, air ace who flew in the face of convention’

History Today

‘Resistance Movements, A Force For Change’

‘American Air Museum opens at IWM Duxford’




Britain at War Magazine

Military History Monthly

‘Women With Wings: the Allied female pilots of the Second World War’

‘Hitler’s Valkyries: the story of two remarkable women, test pilots in the Third Reich’s struggle against the Allied cause’

Women at War: Krystyna Skarbek, The Spy Who Loved

‘Women at War: The Women Who Flew for Hitler’

‘Women at War: Eglantyne Jebb, Founder of Save the Children’

Church Times

Historia Magazine

‘The extraordinary family history that inspired Michael Morpurgo’s latest book’

Historia Interviews Clare Mulley about the English Heritage Vlue Plaque for Krystyna Skarbek aka Christine Granville

Carolyn Kirby interviews Clare Mulley about the English Heritage Blue Plaque for Christine Granville aka Krystyna Skarbek’

The Woman Who Saved the Children

The Women Who Flew for Hitler

Hope not Hate magazine

‘Heroes of the Resistance, Krystyna Skarbek: The Spy Who Loved’

Dan Snow’s History Hit

The Forgotten Story of Eglantyne Jebb: The Woman Who Founded Save the Children

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