Agent Zo

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AGENT ZO, published in May by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, tells the incredible story of courageous resistance fighter Elżbieta Zawacka, also known as ‘Elizabeth Watson’ but more often as ‘Zo’.

Zo was the only woman to reach London as an emissary of the Polish Home Army command during the Second World War. In Britain she was trained and enlisted as the only female member of the Polish elite Special Forces, known as the ‘Silent Unseen’, before parachuting back behind enemy lines into Nazi-occupied Poland. There, whilst being hunted by the Gestapo who arrested her entire family, Zo took a leading role in the largest organised act of defiance against Nazi Germany, the Warsaw Uprising, and in the liberation of her country.

After the war, Zo was demobbed as one of the most highly decorated women in Polish history. Yet the Soviet-backed post-war Communist regime not only imprisoned her, but also ensured that her remarkable story remained hidden for over forty years. 

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