Book contributions

‘Historical Context’, Lili, Lili Pohlmann-Stern in conversation with Anna Blasiak (Holland House, 2020)

‘Introduction’ to this graphic novel about Polish resistance hero Kazimierz Leski, codename ‘Bradl’, BRADL 4 (Egmont/Warsaw Uprising Museum, 2019)

‘Introduction’, Forgotten Force: Polish Women in the Second World War (The Piłdudski Institute, 2020)

‘Remembering the contribution of the Jewish Female SOE Agents of the Second World War’ in Jewish Lives Project: Public Service (The Jewish Museum, London, 2017)

Introduction’, Xan Fielding, Hide and Seek: The Story of a Wartime Agent (Folio, 2014)

‘Eglantyne and Wales’ in Our History in Wales (Save the Children Fund, 2019)

Case Study in Life Writing: A Writers’ & Artists’ Companion (Bloomsbury, 2013)