The Spy Who Loved

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Churchill named her as his favourite spy, and Polish-born Countess Krystyna Skarbek aka Christine Granville, The Spy Who Loved, was Britain’s first – and longest-serving – female special agent of the Second World War.

Krystyna served in three theatres of the war, smuggling intelligence across borders and saving the lives of several of her male colleagues in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe and then Egypt and the Middle East. But it was her service behind enemy lines in France in 1944 that made her legendary among the special forces…

Awarded the OBE, George Medal, and French Croix de Guerre, Krystyna’s tragic early death made headlines around the world, yet her true story was kept hidden. 

Clare was decorated with Poland’s national cultural honour, the Bene Merito, for this inspiring biography, which is now under option for film.

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