The Woman Who Saved the Children

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Clare’s first book, The Woman Who Saved the Children, tells the inspirational story of Eglantyne Jebb.

Unconventional to her core, Eglantyne defied every Edwardian social expectation. Tearing up the rule-book wherever she went, she found she did not much care for individual children, ‘the little wretches’ as she once called them, and never wanted any of her own, but dedicated her life to promoting children’s welfare and rights. She fell in love with both a man and then a woman, took trains across Europe to work in a war zone, then returned to London only to be arrested in Trafalgar Square in 1919. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, she secured the first donation to her new Save the Children fund from the crown prosecutor in her court case. And that was just the start…

Republished in 2019 to mark Save the Children’s centenary, all author royalties from this book are donated to Save the Children.

The Woman Who Saved the Children won the Daily Mail Biographers’ Club Prize, and is now under option for film.

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