Clare continues to BBC2’s third series of Rise of the Nazis: ‘Downfall’

Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Granville, subject of Clare’s biography The Spy Who Loved, inspires the new Granville-Skarbek Anglo-Polish cultural exchange programme!

Filming at the Imperial War Museum Duxford… in a Spitfire, May 2022

Clare contributes to Channel 5’s new documentary, ‘Monte: Our WW2 Hero’

Weidenfeld & Nicolson commission Clare’s next book, Agent Zo: Woman on a Mission, about General Elżbieta Zawacka, aka ‘Zo’, among much more… the only woman to parachute from the safety of Britain to Nazi-occupied Poland during the Second World War!

As Chair of the judges of the Historical Writers Association nonfiction prize 2021, I am delighted to profile the brilliant long-list. The winner was Alan Allport for Britain at Bay.

Clare contributes to Channel 5’s new series, ‘The Secret History of WW2’

‘Her story is just incredible…’ Former Secretary of State, Alan Johnson, talks about Christine Granville, Krystyna Skarbek, subject of my book The Spy Who Loved, on Channel 4’s ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’

Clare is chair of the judges for the Historical Writers Association Non-Fiction Crown 2021, alongside Luke Pepera, Dan Jones, Jessie Childs and Jagjeet Lally.

Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Granville, The Spy Who Loved, receives an English Heritage Blue Plaque as her post-war London home, 1 Lexham Gardens Hotel, South Kensington, London.

Clare helps launch the Italian edition of The Spy Who Loved; La Spia Che Amava

Paying tribute to Dame Vera Lynn for Sky News. “Oh well, bang goes my career,” she said at the outbreak of the Second World War, but her determination to bring comfort, hope and strength to all those serving made her the forces sweetheart! Dame Vera Lynn, RIP

75 years since the end of the Second World War, Clare has been marking the important anniversaries with coverage with the BBC, and Sky News.

Zoom interviewing Sir Michael Morpurgo for the BBC MyVLF ‘Big Book Weekend’, to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Clare helps to launch the Spanish edition of The Woman Who Saved the Children in Madrid & Barcelona, 2019.

Joely Richardson plays Eglantyne Jebb with Helena Bonham Carter as the judge, in a production of The Woman Who Saved the Children at London’s Roundhouse, 2019

In May 2019 Clare, broadcaster Natasha Kaplinsky and sculptor Ian Wolter unveil a bronze bust of Eglantyne Jebb at the Royal Albert Hall, 100 years after Save the Children was launched there at the end of the First World War

100 years after Eglantyne Jebb’s court case, in which she secured the first donation to Save the Children from her prosecutor, Clare was interviewed about the story by Matthew Amroliwala on BBC World News.

In April 2019, Clare spoke about Krystyna Skarbek (Christine Granville) at the House of Lords. Afterwards the House of Commons and House of Lords libraries were both gifted copies of The Spy Who Loved by the Polish Embassy. Support your local library people!

Eglantyne Jebb’s hometown, Ellesmere, honours her with new town welcome signs

August 2018 – Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Granville, moves a step closer to receiving an English Heritage Blue Plaque, after Clare’s campaign is supported by the Sunday Times.

The Women Who Flew for Hitler shortlisted for the 2018 Historical Writers Association Non-Fiction Crown

2017 – Clare gives a TEDx talk at Stormont, Belfast

2017 – Clare, Rula Lenska and sculptor Ian Wolter unveiled a bronze bust of Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Granville, The Spy Who Loved, at Ognisko, the Polish Hearth Club in London

2017 – Respected & Protected: The Rights of Children, Central Family Court exhibition on Eglantyne Jebb, the history and significance of children’s human rights, in the public lobby of the Central Family Court, London, open to all. 

2016 – Royal Mail honoured Eglantyne Jebb with a stamp.

2014 – The Polish Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, awards Clare the Polish national Honour, the Bene Merito, at the Polish Embassy

Clare as a Save the Children Campaigns Ambassador with Annie Lennox (Clare at 0:48), holding the government to its pledge to invest in reducing the rates of maternal and newborn mortality.

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