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Ruth Davidson talks to Clare about the 70th anniversary of the end of sweet rationing in the UK, Times Radio, 4 February 2023

Clare talking about Krystyna Skarbek’s English Heritage Blue Plaque on BBC Radio 4, ‘Six O’Clock News’, 17 Sept 2020 (from 27.20)

Mariella Frostrup interviews Clare about Krystyna Skarbek, Times Radio, Sept 2020

Clare speaking about the Women Who Flew for Hitler on Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4

Clare speaking about Krystyna Skarbek on the ‘Today Programme’, BBC Radio 4

Clare on ‘Great Lives’, BBC Radio 4

Clare speaking about WW2 FANY signals planner Dorothy Wakely on BBC R4 ‘Last Word’, from 12.57

Clare on Booktalk, Cambridge 105 Radio

Clare on History Extra


Clare talks about The Women Who Flew for Hitler for the Trapped History podcast (March 2023)

James Holland and Al Murray talk to Clare about Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Granville, The Spy Who Loved, on their Second World War podcast, We Have Ways of Making You Talk

English Heritage event to mark the Unveiling of a new blue plaque to Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Gramville, with Michael Morpurgo & Clare Mulley

History Hack podcast talks to Clare about Melitta von Stauffenberg, German test pilot & Nazi resister, on the anniversary of her death.

The Spectator’s Sam Leith interviews Clare about The Women Who Flew for Hitler

Hope not Hate – Heroes of the Resistance with Clare Mulley

Behind the Frontline with Tessa Dunlop – SOE agent Krystyna Skarbek

Helen Carr’s Hidden Histories – Clare talks about Eglantyne Jebb, ‘The Woman Who Saved the Children’

Postcard from the Past – Sarah Hilary & Clare Mulley – The Metatext of It

Dan Snow’s History Hit – The Women Who Flew for Hitler with Clare Mulley

Dan Snow’s History Hit -Eglantyne Jebb and 100 Years of Save The Children with Clare Mulley

Spectator Books – Eglantyne Jebb, the extraordinary woman who founded Save The Children

History Author Show – Clare Mulley – The Women Who Flew for Hitler: A True Story of Soaring Ambition and Searing Rivalry

Better Known with Ivan Wise – Clare Mulley

BBC History Extra – Female flyers in Nazi Germany

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